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Question #3:
Why hire me / who should hire me?

My primary objective when involved in a new project is to outline reasonable scope of project options that fit the clients initial requests, determine and explain ASAP if a project is tenable and identify next steps which is why the majority of my referrals actually come from contractors; they know that the quantity of decisions posed throughout a renovation can be daunting and both the quality of decisions and efficiency of worked are linked throughout a renovation

The more informed decisions that are made upfront with an awareness of function, cost, structure and design simultaneously the more efficient and ultimately happy each member of the process will be.

Throughout planning makes a project exponentially easier and transparent, something that translates into work being done on-budget and on-time - a win-win for everyone. So, who should hire me? Anyone who wants a space in their structure to work better for them. Eleven years as an independent contractor have taught me the importance of operating as a part of a team and respecting autonomy. I take care of my responsibilities and I let others have the latitude to take care of theirs unimpeded - and I work best with other professionals who do the same. I've been fortunate to foster a community of craftsmen and contractors who operate in the same way, whom I'm always thrilled to recommend and work alongside when the opportunity arises. Years of on-site experience with everything from single bedrooms to multi-million dollar projects has left me with not only a deep reservoir of technical knowledge, but also the capability to bring a client out from those weeds to a 10,000 foot view, where a renovation can be digested holistically and analytically. Anyone in need of a critical yet creative brain to iterate solutions until a space problem is solved should give me a call.

  • "Client's can tell that we're on the right track when a project plan is the right choice for their structure, cost appropriate for their neighborhood, and equally comfortable as it is functional."
  • "I know enough about the details of how things interact with each other to understand how the dominos fall once the first one tips over."
  • "I'm not people's image of how they view the typical contractor."