3 guideposts


Function first, then aesthetics

The spaces that I work on and the people I work for and with are interactive. People live and work in the environments I create. I am firm believer that it doesn't matter how good something looks if it doesn't work form, consistently follows function in process and application.



Understanding of cost analysis - Changes are often introduced by existing building components that warranted specific modifications more reasonably than others/make sense



Does an environment reflect those who use the space

People and Places are diverse, contributing their own reflections to each project. Similarly, my role changes to best suit indivisual needs. Some Projects are established and completed within 3 hours providing new homeowners with just enough professional guidance for their DIY project while other projects captivate my attention and time over years.

The ongoing practice is to show homeowners and clients a way forward toward a space that meets their needs, best serves them, and provides clarity, even if the future next steps don't include me moving ahead.